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Choices: Stories You Play is an app that basically lets you enjoy several different conversational adventures. You can choose from adventures set in a university, in a situation straight out of a detective movie, or even a world clearly inspired by Game of Thrones.

This review focuses specifically on the medieval adventure, where you play a young princess warrior. The adventure develops the same way no matter what you choose: you make decisions about which actions your protagonist carries out and see their consequences.

Sometimes certain decisions will bring you prestige, which can be used later on to select special answers that generally produce more spectacular results. For example, in one scene a character suspiciously similar to Joffrey (from Game of Thrones) appears and if you have enough prestige you can slap him.

Choices: Stories You Play offers a range of very interesting conversational adventures that, in addition to being well written, are also really well designed. Each of the game's characters, in fact, has different facial expressions that represent their mood at that particular moment.
Choices: Stories You Play is a hit where every decision counts

Sick of endlessly shooting zombies? Of building the perfect city? Of tapping the screen nonstop to be the world's best fill-in-the-blank? If you suffer from one of these symptoms, never fear – we have the antidote. Choices: Stories You Play is a giant catalogue of dialogue-tree adventure games where every choice you make leaves its mark on the story.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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